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Haywantie Savitri Chowbey

Feb 22, 1937 – Jan 28, 2021


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Service: January 31, 2021

8:30 am – 10:30 am


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  1. Aunty Sabby I miss your laughter and zest for life. We talked about romance books we each read and how we both loved milk chocolate and cashew nuts. Dad and I will miss you cheering with Tim Hortons Double double and chicken curry roti! I miss your tight hugs! You are a light shining and blessing us from above!

  2. A loving and caring sister and sister-in-law who will be dearly missed beyond words
    can ever express.May your Atma journey to it’s deserving celestial abode.

  3. Dearest Aunty Sav,
    You were a most loving, genuine, humble, peaceful, caring, non-judgemental, kind, giving, gentle and beautiful soul!
    Aunty Sav we wish you a Blessed Journey as your Angels carry you on their wings to Heaven.
    I was so Blessed to have you as an Aunt.
    Your kindness to us Aunty Sav will never be forgotten.
    Loving you forever,
    Prati, Jai, Cheddi & Naipaul.

  4. My darling Aunty Sabby Wabby,
    I will miss your contagious laughter,
    Your warm hugs and kisses.
    Your genuine and kind heart that never forgot a birthday for any family member or friend. You and Ma nutured me as a baby when I came from England to Guyana and then Canada. I remember you going to Market and buying me Fowl Cock Candy and Balloons. I am sure Shree Krishna will bless you abundantly. Please give my love to Ma, Mommy, Pappap, Popcorn Nanna, Aunty Kay and all those who will welcome you in Shiv Lok with open arms. We love you and will treasure your memory today, tomorrow always and forever.
    Your Chul Chul naughty niece Mala.

  5. My sweet Aunty Savitri. While you may be gone you will never be forgotten. May Lord Shiva grant you eternal peace. Your giggles, your boundless love and infectious personality will never be forgotten.

    We love you always.

    Savita, Hardip & Family

  6. You never ever seemed to want much but gave so much to, joy, laughter, happiness. You were a special gift to us in this lifetime and will sure make heaven more heavenly.

    Love you Cha Chee.

    Your nephew Attma.

  7. Dear Gaitri, Vish, Laxshmi, brother Roop & Chet may Lord Krishna brings you and your entire family the much-needed peace during this sad time.
    Sister Savitri a beautiful soul, full of Love, Kindness and Faith ascended to heaven, away from us, but closer to her Rama, Sita ma & Krishna, may her soul be at peace.
    Fond memories hearing our mom (aunt Kay) and her chatting and laughing often on the phone, mom saying “seetha ram sister Sav girl how you keeping”, a few times seeing aunt Sav on the same down town Toronto bus we both going to work, that huge smile so happy to see me,
    She lived her live with Love, Humility, Compassion and Devotion. I will always remember her huge beautiful smile and her gentle squeeze of hands when getting of that bus.💕🕉

  8. With deepest regrets on your passing dearest Chache Savi we pray your soul attain oneness with The Almighty Lord Krishna and send our Prayers, Sincere Condolences 💐 and Heartfelt Sympathies to Vishnu, Gaitri,Lakshmi and all the bereaved families

  9. I will miss you my Beautiful Cha Chee. I will miss that big smile sweet and kind words. I am so happy I have your Birthday Video so I can hear your loving message for my Birthday.
    Rest In Peace . God took another Beautiful Angel. You will always have a Special place in my Heart. 🙏💐🙏🕉 my Deepest Sympathy to all my Family and Cousins.

  10. Our dearest Auntie Sabby though we say goodbye to you on earth today you and your joyous, loving and giving nature will remain cherished memories in our hearts forever.
    With much love and gratitude and our deepest sympathy too to Vish, Gai and Laxsh

  11. To: Vishnu,Gaitri, Lakshmi and the bereaved family here’s a little poem to bring you all some Peace ✌️ and Comfort
    Although you cannot hear 👂 her beautiful 😻 voice or see her sweet smile 😀 no more; your mother walks besides you all still just as she did before.
    She listens to all your stories and she wipes away all your tears 😭, she wraps her arms around each one of you and understand all of your fears.
    It’s just she isn’t visible to see with human eyes 👀, but talk to her in silence and her spirit will reply.
    You’ll feel the LOVE 💕 she has for all of you , You’ll hear 👂 her in your heart ❤️;
    She’s left her human body but your souls will never 👎 part.

  12. I am and will miss you mom dearly, on behalf of my family I thank you all for your support in these difficult times.
    with best regards from Valmiki, Vijaya, Gaitri, Uncle Chet, Bhaminee, Sandra and Bruce.

  13. My deepest condolences for the family’s loss, I will miss and cherish the wonderful conversation I shared with Mom Chowbey. Rest In Peace.

  14. We will miss your love and quirkiness. I still remember when you used to comb my hair for school. I will always remember your laughter. You will make everyone in heaven laugh like you. Love you always and forever.

  15. A Card
    I send you a card today.
    I hope you open it with joy.
    For all the lovely cards you wrote,
    That made me feel seen and loved.
    Today I know your card will be delivered by God,
    To you and all above.
    Know that you have left an imprint,
    In our tiny hearts.
    May your love, thoughtfulness and kindness
    Rush you beyond the stars and sun.
    To your one true love above.

    I love you Aunty Sab,
    Love your niece Kam

    Our deepest condolences to Gai, Vish and Lakshmi. We love you.

  16. Grandma Cha Chee was a beautiful soul. She loved unconditionally and touched our lives in so many positive ways. Will miss her immensely. ❤️

    May God grant her eternal peace.

    Love you forever and always

  17. My Deepest Condolenses to Laxshmi, Vish, Gaitri, and Uncle Roop and Uncle Chet and respective family members: Eswara, Kamala, Astute, Mala and Prabha.
    We are sadden at the passing of Aunty Sav. The love that my parents Aunty Kay and Uncle James parents have lasted. Remember Aunty Sav all the way back in Guyana. I will often meet her at my Dearest Cousin, Drue’s, Uncle John’s and Aunt Betty’s home. Those were the some of the most wonderful, beautiful days; I was only 6, 7, 8, and 9 years old and I was only interested in my tiny handbags that my Mum , Aunty Kay give me. At Vinod Mum’s home, and Aunty Betty’s. I remembered Kamala, as a baby, and us playing in their yard. I remember I played with laxshmi and Gaitri too. I remembered Vishnu as well. One day, it was about a story about, catching a speeding cat, running. Aunty Sav was a beautiful, lively soul, and was around . Then, I remembered Aunty Sav at Uncle Roop Spiritual Organization, every Sunday Morning, we gather to pray to the Divine Lord. I also remembered us all at the live shows, and I too danced for those shows; Phagwa and Diwali, in the 1970s. She certainly will be missed. May her blessed soul forever rest in peace and be protected by the divine grace and love of God. She is now all with her lord, watching and smiling down upon you. Remember she loved you all, and may her cherished memories remain with you all. You are in our prayers. May God’s Light, Grace, Compassion and Love shine brightly upon your family and the Soul of Aunty Sav. God Bless! Jai Shree Rama!

  18. Our loving, caring, precious Auntie and Grandma Sabby will always be in our hearts. May the love and memories of the joy and generosity that she spread throughout her life sustain Vish, Gai and Laksh and all of us, her loving relatives and friends. With love and deep gratitude to Auntie (Grandma) Sabby.

  19. It is with a heavy heart that we wish our favourite Aunty Savitri goodbye. Words cannot justify what you mean to us. Aunty Savitri I know you will be in good company as once again you will reunite with Nana,Nanee, The spin Twins BK and RK, Ma (your mommy), Robert (your favourite parrot) and all the others who are awaiting you with open arms.
    Will Love you always Aunty Savitri

  20. Our deepest sympathies to the Children of Auntie Savitri and her entire family. What a beautiful soul,. A very kind and caring Aunt. I will always remember you fondly. So many great memories to cherish. I will miss my Birthday phone calls.

  21. Our Sweet Auntie Savitri, you will forever be loved and missed…May Lord Shiva keep you in his Garden of Love & Bliss.

  22. My dearest Aunty Savitri I will always cherish my memories of you, especially your thoughtful heart. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

  23. My dear Cha Chee you have touched our hearts in so many ways with all your love and kindness. We will always cherish the great memories we have. Heaven has gained an Angle ~ RIP my dear Cha Chee we will miss you❤️

  24. Namaste!!! On behalf of my entire family(the Persaud’s) we extend our deepest condolences to everyone .We feel your pain and sadness. May Lord Krishna Bless her and make her journey to his humble abode as peaceful and special as she was. Our prayers and love with all🙏❤️🌸

  25. Dear Gaitri, our sincere condolences for your loss. The pain you feel today will pass in time and all that will remain will be the sweetest of memories. God bless.

    Sharon, Natalia, Mikaiel and Jordan.

  26. Grandma we love and miss you.
    Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Love you always, Marco and Abby.

  27. Grandma, we will miss you dearly. I joined the family later in life, after marrying Shawn and you always treated me like your own grandchild. I will miss your warm hugs and sweet laughter. I wish you eternal peace.

    My deepest condolences to the entire family.

    Love from Natalie

  28. Our Deepest Sympathy to Vish, Gaitri, Lakshmi and extended family for your great loss. Chachee Savi was a special woman, Loving, caring and precious. She will be greatly missed by many. A Mother will always be with us, First in her Lifetime then Forever in our memory. Sending you all prayers to heal the broken hearts.
    Shaker, Geeta, Brian & Karina

  29. Will miss you our most loving Chachee – our second mother you were such a wonderful person to everyone you comforted us in good and bad times you will always be in our hearts Rest In Peace my dearest Chachee

  30. To Vish, Gai and Lakshmi
    Buddy, Vijay and Kiran join me in sending our deepest condolences on the lost of Aunti Sabby and Grandma Sabby.
    May she rest in peace.
    We will miss her ready laughter, wicked sense of humor and giving nature, and remember with love the many years of memories.

  31. Our Deepest Condolences on the loss of Sister Sab. May your Hearts be Filled with the Wonderful Memories of Joyful Times you spent together. My mom, the late (auntie Babs) Loved her Dearly xo

  32. My condolences to Gayatri, Lakshmi and Vishnu Chowbeys on the pasting of their very Dearest Mother Savitri H. Chowbey.

    I am beating myself up when I received the news because approx. two weeks ago I was inquiring about Sis Savitri, to pay her a A Visit. It was overdue…I lost touch.
    Sis Savitri was The embodiment of Motherhood…Her children know this well. She was kind to me and listened to me….Sometimes I felt I overdid it…I knew her children always visited her…
    Many times we spoken about Purnima and Spiritual matters….One thing that gives Solace is that went on Bright half Purnima……
    I ask Lord Shiva to Grace her Dear Soul and I know She will be at PEACEFUL Rest in her long Journey….
    Aum Shanti……
    Kirpaul K. Singh.

  33. My condolences to Gayatri, Lakshmi and Vishnu Chowbeys on the pasting of their very Dearest Mother Savitri H. Chowbey.

    I am beating myself up when I received the news because approx. two weeks ago I was inquiring about Sis Savitri, to pay her a A Visit. It was overdue…I lost touch.
    Sis Savitri was The embodiment of Motherhood…Her children know this well. She was kind to me and listened to me….Sometimes I felt I overdid it…I knew her children always visited her…
    Many times we spoken about Purnima and Spiritual matters….One thing that gives Solace is that went on Bright half Purnima……
    I ask Lord Shiva to Grace her Dear Soul and I know She will be at PEACEFUL Rest in her long Journey….
    Aum Shanti……
    Kirpaul Singh.

  34. My heartfelt condolenses to the family of Sister Sav. She was a kind and sincere person and a staunched member of Gandhi Bhavan. Very much liked by the members of the organization. She will surely be missed by us all May Lord Krishna keep her safe in his abodev.. Rest in Peace.

    From the Paltoo and the Ramlakhan family.

  35. Our condolences go out to Vish, Gaitri, Lakshmi and the entire family circle. My Mamoo Bal was a lucky man, he found his perfect soul mate in Mamee Savitri. My Mamee was a very bubbly person, full of love and affection to all. May Lord Krishna grant her eternal peace.

  36. Our condolences go out to Vish, Gaitri, Lahshmi and the entire family circle. My Mamoo Bal was a lucky man, he found his perfect soul mate in Mamee Savitri. Mamee Savitri was a very bubbly person, full of love and affection for all. We will never forget all the fond memories. May Lord Krishna grant her eternal peace.

  37. My Condolenses as well to Vinod, Nita and Jaya Raguhubeer and all Aunty Sav’s Grand Children,

    My deepest sympathy to you as well. We are so deeply sorry upon hearing of Aunty Sav’s passing. My comments and message to Laxshmi and the rest of the family was meant for you as well. Our love and prayers are with you. Love always to you,all
    Sita Rama!

  38. We are very saddened for the loss of your dear mom. She was a very special person, one who had the ability to make everyone laugh. Even on bad day she could brighten your spirits. She has left a trail of beautiful memories. We will miss her very much.

    Please accept our sincere condolences.

    With much love,
    Rohit, Violet, Kris, Nadia, and Indira

  39. Our dearest and loving Cha-Chee (our other mom) and grandma Cha Chee. Words cannot explain how much we love you and will miss you. You were a great joy in our lives and will always be remembered that way. Rest In Peace.
    Vish, Gai & Laxh and family – our deepest condolences. We love you.
    Gita Paul & family

  40. Well Sis, you are moving on to a better place. May the Good Lord receive you with open arms and hold you close in his glorious bosom – You deserve nothing less. I will miss you and your happy demeanor. I will keep in my memory the fun times You, Chet and I shared.
    May you have everlasting peace – don’t forget to have fun along the way. Until we meet again. My sincere love.

    Vishnu, Gaitri and Lakshmi – my deepest condolences. Your Mom was one of my favorite cousins and I share your loss.

    God Bless All

  41. Aunty Sav
    Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth
    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
    Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth

    You were my mother, my second mother a kind, unselfish and generous soul. God bless, I love you and will always.

  42. My condolences to the family.

    May her times of joy be forever carried in the hearts of those who loved her.

    My deepest sympathy for the family.

  43. Our deepest sympathy to my cousins and family. Cha-Chee you will be missed and always remain in our memories. RIP – Premela, Neila and my Mom Shirley Chowbey. 🙏❤️

  44. Grandma Cha Chee, I am heartbroken. I have never met someone with such love and passion for life (and books). Thank you for my first Nancy Drew books…I found a similar love in reading and getting lost in stories because of you!

    You have left a trail of cherished memories with us that will never be forgotten, memories that only bring smiles. You are truly a beautiful soul that will forever be in our hearts. We will miss you, Grandma Cha Chee.

    My sincerest condolences.

    Love you always,


  45. Our condolences on the loss of a loving soul. Aunty Sab may you rest in peace.

    Love, Aria, Rohana and Darren

  46. Aunty Sab was a kind and loving person who generated a warm and loving atmosphere when ever she was around.
    We pray that Lord Krishna grants her eternal bliss.
    She will be greatly missed.

  47. Our deepest condolences to both the Chowbey and Sharma families in the passing of Aunty Savitri. May Lord Krishna shower his blessings upon her soul and comfort the entire family.🙏🕉️

  48. Our condolences go out to Vish, Gaitri, Lakshmi and the entire family circle. My Mamoo Bal was a lucky man, he found his perfect soul mate in Mamee Savitri. Mamee was a very bubbly person, full of love and affection for everyone. We will cherish all the fond memories.
    May lord Krishna grant her eternal peace.

  49. Morning Glory A tribute to Aunty Savitri.

    January 31, 2021

    9:27 am-10:45 am

    A winter morning, cloudy.

    A rising sun, light.

    Dull luminescence, gloomy.

    Frigid, snow, wintertime.

    How light is your soul, now in the spot light?

    How light is your laughter, now darkness has fled?

    You are a blessed soul. I acknowledge your kindness, caring and devotion to all.

    Rest In Peace does not fit, for one who has always been busy, up and about, no matter the impediments.

    The love you have shown throughout your life is the legacy you have instilled in those who have been touched by you. Your humanity has made us all better human beings.

    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Your devotional journey has just begun.

    Dance amongst the heavenly clouds

    My mom, sister, gran, aunt, friend.

    It is time to rejoin those long past.

    Arise with the dawn and capture the light directed for you.

    Now you can begin a day like no other.

    Spiritual bliss is upon you.

    RIP from the Singh Family-Chandra,Geeta,Shivani, Krishan and from my mother Kanak Singh and fatherOujit Singh(RIP)

  50. Goodbye Cha Chee Savitri Chowbey. May Shri Krishna grant you Liberation and Eternal Happiness and Peace. You will be sadly missed for your Smile, Laughter and Jokes and always a kind word of support and encouragement. Always cheerful no matter the circumstances and unwavering Love for all of us. May you always be at peace. Your memories will live on.
    Our deepest condolences to Valmiki, Gaitri and Lakshmi. Your Mom was a Mother to all of us and we Loved her Dearly.

  51. Chachi Savitri,

    You will be dearly missed but always remembered for your contagious laugh and smile. Your kindness and efforts to preserve your Dharmic traditions have inspired me very much. I cherish the Puja book you sent me, when I was a young boy, encouraging me to continue walking in the footsteps of our ancestors on Dharma marg. Your sparks of encouragement have lit the lamps of knowledge for so many.

    My condolences to my aunts, uncles, and cousins who have lost their matriarch. We send our love and prayers for your well-being in this unfortunate time.

    Om Sadgati

  52. SITARAM!!! 0n behalf of mom Doreen, dad Bhairdy (Sham), myself and family… Deepest condolences on the loss of this wonderful individual

    Aunty Saab was beautiful, kind, caring, loving, talented and thoughtful.

    May your soul find peace as you traverse this blissful journey..

    “Ram naam satya hai”

  53. My dear friend Gaitri – it is a sad day today but hopefully the beautiful memories with your mom will help alleviate some of the pain during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Latchmi & Vishnu. Aunty Savitri was a very, kind, thoughtful and beautiful person. Jenny and I have very fond childhood memories of our visits to your home in Camp Street after school. Aunty always welcomed us with a big smile and a ready meal. She was always chatting and full of fun, very unlike our strict parents. We will cherish those lovely memories. Peace and love during this sad time my friend.

  54. A simply beautiful soul, a loving, warm, and caring individual, always pleasant and cheerful. Sister Sav was a very special person, her presence will be greatly missed.

    As the Lord holds you in his arms, we will forever hold you in our hearts. May god welcome you in heaven and keep you in his garden of paradise. Rest in peace, Dear Sister Sav.

    Our Sincerest Sympathy to the Chowbey and Sharma families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  55. Namaste. ❤️🙏
    Words may not suffice to express our heartfelt sorrow that Aunty Sav is no longer with us.
    Our fond memories shall never be forgotten! I recall all the special and memorable times Ish, kids and myself would go over to uncle chet and Aunty bhamini’s home and I would always find myself sitting next to her. Aunty Sav’s had an infectionious smile and a simple happy soul, that made me feel comfort and loved.
    The only thing that stopped her spirit was her knees but other than that, she was young, happy, jolly and full of laughter and smiles.
    I recall when I first became new to the Sharma’s family, she always made me feel like family and special. Aunty Sav never forgot my birthday, even from first year of my marriage and onwards. Clueless how Aunty Sav remembered my birthday and Ish it made my mind baffled. I felt appreciated, loved and part of a new family and an elder senior family loved and appreciated me.

    Aunty Sav I pray God would let you hear our heartfelt words as every tears reaches heaven. Thank you Aunty Sav for the small yet meaningful memories you have created for me and the love for Ishwar Sharma family.
    Your beautiful and radiant smile and warm compassionate spirit shall never be forgotten!
    May the almighty lord, shri Krishna perpetual warm light upon you. May your soul fly to the gates of heaven and forever Rest In Peace and become the righty deserved celestial angel that you were always destined to be! 🙏
    Om shanti. We love you shinty Savi!!
    Love ishwar, Ann, Keshini, Nandini and Aditya Sharma ❤️

  56. Greetings,

    On behalf of the Khan family, Alexana Martins, and I send our condolences. We hope Haywantie Savitri Chowbey to Rest In Peace. Sending our love and warmest wishes from New York, USA.

  57. Mrs. Jaianti Anantram (Mamee)

    Om Shanti
    On behalf of Jaianti Anantram and family we extend condolences to Vishnu, Gaitri, Lakshmi and Roop and Chet Sharma and entire family. May God continue to give spiritual strength, Peace, Healing and Light to all of you as you mourn the loss of a great and special soul. Savi played her part well on this stage of life sharing qualities of love, caring , laughter , joy and many more beautiful gifts that all of us remembered during this life time. As her soul sits in the lap of God , the great comforter – the Supreme Mother and Father let us all together send our prayers, meditation and good wishes to the soul now and always for a bright life ahead.
    Chandra on behalf of Ma (Jaianti Anantram)


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