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Zachary James Tripp

Jan 11, 1999 – Dec 8, 2020


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Service: December 20, 2020

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


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  1. Zachary and I met at The Refuge and hung out quite a bit. I left Ontario almost three years ago, but I still am sadden by this. Zach was a bright soul, constantly making people look on the bright side of things, making the entire room laugh.

    Rip Tripp
    You will be missed???

    Condolences to his family and many friends.

  2. Rest In Peace Zach

  3. I didn’t know Zach as well as I wish I did. I knew him growing up and he was always this bright, outgoing person. Life dealt him a cruel hand, but he always made the people around him smile when he could and was so easy to be friends with.

    I lived with him for a time a couple years ago and knew him better then. He was gentle and kind inside. He was so generous and one of the best listeners, never judgmental and always understanding. He cared fiercely for his friends and the people who meant something to him. He wanted to love life without conditions and understood that he needed help. He sought assistance more than once and strived to be better. He was my friend.

    He was such a good person. Despite the unfortunate happenings that befell him and arose in his life, he was a genuinely good person. One of few.

    It shouldn’t have had to come to this, but that’s not for me to decide. I sincerely wish he’s found some sort of peace and that he may truly rest now. Peace is the very least he deserves.

    My deepest condolences go out to all of his friends and family, every life he’s touched and every person who knew him. I can’t imagine what his loved ones are going through with his loss and I hope they find some peace of mind somewhere amongst any chaos or sorrows.

  4. Rest in Peace Zach. you will be greatly missed by many. My Condolences to Auntie Linda, Jesse, Stephanie Jamie and the rest of the Family and Friends

  5. Rest in peace Zach. You were so loved by many of us at the Refuge. Your life was a gift to us all. I will remember you as an intelligent, generous and loving young man.

  6. I hardly knew Zachary, but I can say that the time spent with him as a classmate at Glen Street was always funny. He was always finding a way to make everyone laugh, he had a genuinely good heart. Rest In Peace Zachary.

  7. I didnt know Zachary well but we lived in the same complex and what did know is he was always very kind heart, gone way to soon , you will be miss, r.i.p Zachary

  8. What a guy. He is greatly missed by the street community and the people who work with the street involved. He was kind, intelligent, charismatic and a pleasure to be around. I am glad I got to meet Zach, I’ll never forget him.


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